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24/7 live action, 60-times an hour.

Twain Sport

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We offer betting on action-packed, high-frequency sport themed games that deliver incredible thrills in head-to-head shootout challenges.

Twain Sport started with T-Basket. This high-paced sport brings you 30 basketball challenges every hour and up to 21,600 matches per month!

Now T-Kick has been added to the portfolio. T-Kick also has 30 games every hour and 720 games per day. In each game, two football professionals go head-to-head in shootout challenges!

Twain Sport is BetGames brand for sports themed games.

Twain Sport

The Twain Sport brand

The word "Twain" means two, and Twain Sport introduces a new category of sports games where two opposite players compete against each other.

Games are fast and fun to watch. They are easy to understand, are in line with current sports game trends and interests, and appeal to both younger and older generations.

All rights for the brand belong to BetGames.

Twain Sport in action

T-Kick rules

T-Basket rules


Nothing but net!

T-Basket is an innovative, sport game where professional basketball players compete head-to-head in a 60-second game, 24/7.

This high-frequency sports event delivers maximum thrills: 30 head-to-head games every hour, with up to 21,600 games each month. And the high-octane schedule of action starts from day one.

BetGames introduce a unique vertical of premium sports content.

With T-Basket feel 24/7 live action with 60 games per hour

Gaming’s biggest Kick Off in 2023

Get ready for T-Kick, the second exciting game from Twain Sport. Bringing iGaming fans one step closer to sports betting, T-Kick gives you two professional athletes competing, head-to-head, in 60-second shootout games.

Just as with T-Basket, T-Kick delivers maximum thrills, with 30 games every hour and 720 challenges each day.

With T-Kick, we reinvented how you enjoy football!

WHY Twain Sport?


Non-stop action with real athletes

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High-frequency, rich-content product


A comprehensive range of appealing markets


Fun to watch and easy to understand


Driven by a mobile-first approach


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