About us


We convert recreational bettors into casino players!

Elevate your platform's performance with BetGames, transforming casual bettors into dedicated casino enthusiasts. Through our carefully curated portfolio of unique, engaging, and secure games, along with targeted engagement features, we empower our partners to:

  • Enhance the Player Experience
  • Boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Retention Rates
  • Amplify Profitability while Reducing CPA and Bonus Costs

Join us in fostering a seamless transition from recreational betting to casino gaming, ensuring a sustainable increase in both player satisfaction and your bottom line.

The Go-To-Gateway Between Sports & Games

Increase player CLV organically with BetGames.

A curated collection of safe games and features for a variety of player profiles.

WHY behind BetGames?


Innovative approach to 24/7 live dealer betting


Lower CPAs


Cross-selling between your sports bettors and live casino players


Omni-channel solutions: online and retail available for multi-currency, including crypto


Graphical UI mode for varying bandwidth speeds


Trusted by over 250+ partners across numerous markets and jurisdictions.

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Our players

We put players first. They are at the heart of everything we do – from game development to marketing activities. We place enormous emphasis on listening to their needs and developing a unique gameplay experience based on the feedback and insights they share with us.

BetGames is all about a personalised experience, where you can play games against or with our host and simply enjoy the entertainment.

Licences & Certificates

BetGames is licenced and certified across numerous regulated markets, including UK, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, South Africa and few more, and is also in the process of acquiring new licences in Greece and Ontario.



BetGames has been growing in popularity and the company has been rewarded for outstanding recent successes, as shown by the amount of award nominations and wins.



• 6th of January – company’s birth
• First draw of Lucky 7


• We introduced T-Kick
• We launched the first-ever Pachinko wall live showgame
• Our first crash game Skyward is live


• Our first gameshow Starzle launched
• We introduced T-Basket
• Football grid is live