Twain Sport debuts in Africa with Betway
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Twain Sport debuts in Africa

Twain Sport arrives in Africa! The new live-sport vertical makes its African debut through a new partnership with Betway. T-Basket, is the first Twain Sport game to hit the market, delivering head-to-head basketball tournaments every hour and a match every three minutes. T-Kick, it’s football cousin, is coming soon!

James Everett, BetGames VP of Sales, Africa, said, “Africa is a hotbed for sports betting and the Twain Sport proposition is perfectly suited to match the rapidly-growing demand for contemporary entertainment in the space. We expect T-Basket, and then T-Kick, to make a real impact with Betway. The opportunity this represents cannot be understated.”

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What can basketball teach us about football? When do players engage with live-sport action betting? And why is Twain Sport releasing a football game that lasts just 60 seconds from start to finish?

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Twain Sport unleashes football hybrid with T-Kick

One of gaming’s most highly-anticipated launches is about to go live! On Feb 1, BetGames and Twain Sport launch T-Kick, a brand new, high-octane football experience. With games every three minutes - giving you 6,300 matches every month - you have an entirely new way to enjoy football.

T-Kick features professional athletes competing head-to-head to score the most points in 60 seconds, shooting footballs at a series of illuminated targets within the goal. For its inaugural season, T-Kick will have over 30 athletes, four of whom have represented national football teams at international level, including FIFA World Cup Qualifiers!

Andreas Koeberl, BetGames CEO, said, “T-Kick is going to expand the market potential for Twain Sport and we couldn’t be prouder, or more excited to announce its debut. A fun-to-watch, easy-to-understand concept is delivered with T-Kick. Our partners will experience another Twain Sport product that bridges the gap between high-frequency, high-turnover live betting.”

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