Live Entertainment – Reinvented!
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Reinventing Live Entertainment

It’s official!

BetGames has signed an exclusive partnership with the Hybrid Sport League to become its general sponsor. BetGames now has exclusive betting, broadcasting and technology rights for Twain Sport.

Twain Sport is competition games that create an entirely new form of sport entertainment! It’s live, action-packed, high-frequency sports-themed games that deliver incredible thrills by running head-to-head tournaments between two athletes.

We start by bringing you T-Basket, a basketball tournament played every hour. Get ready for 6,500 matches per month, right from the day of launch in August, with a game every 3 minutes. And other live Twain Sport games, with more tournament matches, are on the way. T-Basket is just the beginning!

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Winners were selected attending delegates at the MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit, which was held in our hometown of Vilnius.

This was a special event for us for another reason, too. BetGames CEO Dr. Andreas Köberl, joined a panel discussion about how you “stand out from the crowd.” Which was the perfect venue for us to discuss our plans to diversify our product portfolio. Real change is coming to live sports entertainment!

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BetGames: Reinventing live Entertainment for the UK player

SBC News sat down with Dr. Andreas Köberl, BetGames CEO, to learn more about Twain Sport (which we announced this week), our plans for the United Kingdom - and how that market compares to Germany - and why live casino products can crossover into the world of sports betting.

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Twain Sport First Look

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